Most frequent questions and answers


Providing door-to-door eco-friendly dry cleaning services on-demand 7 days a week. At Cypress Dry Cleaner we use the latest environmentally friendly non-toxic dry-cleaning methods and do not use harmful solvents. Each garment is carefully inspected before cleaning to ensure proper stain removal and spot any repairs that may need to be made.


Our most popular service, nothing says “sharp” like a freshly pressed shirt!

Before cleaning we remove collar stays and safely store them while your garments are inspected and treated for stains, carefully cleaned, and pressed, before being placed on hangers or folded, it’s up to you! Tada! Your wrinkle free shirts delivered right back to you with a smile.


– We know you’re busy, and that dirty pile of laundry isn’t going to clean itself! Don’t worry about it, we have you covered!

We’ll come by to pick up your dirty clothes whenever is most convenient for you. Call, text, email, or contact us through our site to let us know what time works best for you. Don’t bother with lugging your clothes back and forth from the Laundromat, we’ll deliver them right back to you freshly cleaned and neatly folded.


– All your leather and fur garments are handled by our leather specialists, don’t trust anyone else with this delicate task!

We are able to remove stubborn stains while revitalizing your leather, suede, and fur goods. We’ll take care of your shoes, hats, and any other leather items you may need to be cleaned or repaired!

Please allow one week for this specialized service.


– Get your minor repairs and alterations handled painlessly.

We’ll get your favorite pair of pants patched up, or your dress hemmed. Don’t stop wearing your clothes because of a broken zipper or busted button!

Let us fix up your clothes and get them back to you looking as good as new!

Recycling of Clothes

– We’re already at your door, so why not donate some unused items!

Cypress Dry Cleaner uses its pickup and delivery service for good!

Donations of all kind – clothing, books, toiletries, non-perishable food, computers, etc. – can be made during any pickup or delivery.

Simply prepare your donation along with your dirty clothes for cleaning and we’ll collect everything at your next scheduled pickup.

We’ve have re-invented the dry cleaning process to make it simple.

Just click on the order now button on top,  enter the date you would like for one of our Cypress garment experts to pick up your items, select the type of service you would like and indicate specialty care like stains, or specific instructions.

We’ll be noticed immediately and will confirm the pickup time and location.

For further pickup requests you can login with your selected username and password.

Pay online with paypal or credit card and in person on drop-off with cash. You will receive a digital receipt by email upon laundry collection. There you will have the opportunity to pay by credit card or paypal. A second opportunity to pay will be presented when you receive an email indicating the return of your cleaned goods.

Cypress Dry Cleaner uses a web-based encryption and authentication service for all your transactions, to ensure your information is completely secure.

Cypress Dry Cleaner utilizes a computer based garment identification to avoid any misplaced or lost items. If a garment is missing from your order, please call us at xxxxxx or contact us as soon as possible.

If, in a rare instance, you find a damaged item in your order, please call us at xxxxxx or contact us by email at hello@www.cypress-drycleaners.com. If it is determined that we are responsible for the damage to your garment, Cypress Dry Cleaners will credit you up to 5x the cost of cleaning.

Cypress Dry Cleaners respects your privacy. Across our business, we will only collect, store and use your personal information for defined purposes. We use your information to support and enhance our relationship with you, for example, to provide service and support, and share service and company news and offerings with you. We do not sell your personal information. We don’t share your personal data. We strive to ensure that every customer experience is safe and secure at any time you may contact Cypress Dry Cleaners with any privacy questions or concerns you may have.

You also may ask at any time to see the data you have given us and request correction or deletion. We strive to ensure a high level of security and confidentiality.

The website is designed to give you options concerning the privacy of your credit card information, name, address, e-mail and any other information you provide us.

Cypress Dry Cleaners is committed to data security with respect to information collected on our site. We offer the industry standard security measures available through your browser called SSL encryption.

If at any time you would like to request a service, but do not want to provide your credit card information online, you may place an order without credit card information and a representative will contact you.

Alternatively, you may always contact a customer service representative over the telephone. Simply call xxxx. It has always been a Cypress Dry Cleaners practice to contact customers in the event of a potential problem with your request for service or any normal business communication regarding your order. While we strive to protect your personal information, Cypress Dry Cleaners cannot ensure or warrant the security of any information you transmit to us, and you do so at your own risk.

Cypress Dry Cleaner strives to provide the very best quality dry cleaning for their customers. In the event you are not fully satisfied with the service, please contact us by phone xxx32 or by email at hello@www.cypress-drycleaners.com